Environmental problems today are increasingly worrying. In the last two or three weeks, Indonesia has been hit by various environmental problems, such as floods, landslides, including gas bursts and natural particles in Pekanbaru City. Besides that, the clean water crisis, river and sea pollution, forest burning, tidal flooding, global warming, and various other environmental problems have also emerged as the reality of the current ecological crisis. This problem not only threatens the existence of nature and its habitats, but also the continuity of the human population. This problem cannot be solved simply by repositioning the relationship between humans and their natural environment through scientific and technological breakthroughs (known as ecological modernization); but also must be pursued through paradigmatic changes, reorientation of values, ethics and norms of life which are then encapsulated in collective action, as well as restructuring of social relations between individuals and individuals, individuals and groups and between groups and groups. In general, this environmental problem requires the role of society as the main actor for the sustainability of life on earth.

Reorientation of values, ethics, and life norms cannot be separated from the collective action from society in general as human beings who are the main actors for the sustainability of life on earth. For this reason, SEMESTA organization is here and wants to take part in facing this challenge. SEMESTA, an acronym for Sentral Muda Bestari, is a capacity building forum, one of which focuses on the environment. Environmental webinar “Role and Integration of People for Environment Preservation” We carry out this” in collaboration with the Ube International Environmental Cooperative Association (IECA) which is an institution based in Ube City, Yamaguchi – Japan.

Description of Event

The Environmental Webinar is one of the programs of Sentral Muda Bestari (SEMESTA), a non-profit organization that focuses on developing youth capacity. Sentral Muda Bestari has 3 (three) focus areas, namely education, health and the environment. As a forum for youth capacity building, Sentral Muda Bestari wants to be the best and progressive forum that can be a learning tool for young people.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide knowledge about the role of the community in preserving the environment and get motivation to be able to work together and move together in dealing with environmental problems, especially in Bengkalis Regency. This program is held during one meeting which will be filled with material about the environment which will be delivered through a webinar based on the zoom application. This activity is expected to be a forum for anyone from various parties, be it public officials, researchers, activists and the general public to provide a new perspective on the environment so that it can foster a sense of concern for environmental problems in Indonesia, especially Bengkalis.

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