Community Activities and Collaborations for Environmental Conservation

        The purpose of this webinar is to provide knowledge about the role of the community in preserving the environment and get motivation to be able to work together and move together in dealing with environmental problems, especially in Bengkalis Regency based on Ube model.

Role and Integration of People for Environmental Preservation

Preface Environmental problems today are increasingly worrying. In the last two or three weeks, Indonesia has been hit by various environmental problems, such as floods, landslides, including gas bursts and natural particles in Pekanbaru City. Besides that, the clean water crisis, river and sea pollution, forest burning, tidal flooding, global warming, and various other environmental […]

Pendidikan “Menjadi Guru yang Menyenangkan”

Nama kegiatan Webinar Pendidikan “Menjadi Guru yang Menyenangkan” Tema Menjadi Guru Yang Menyenangkan Judul Materi Merancang Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh yang Mudah dan Menyenangkan Pembicara Hupron Fadilah (Certified in Educational Studies in Leadership, Univ. of Queensland, Australia)